From MG Siegler’s recent post on Techcrunch:

What Nintendo needs to do right now is create another console. They can continue support for the Wii U through their current roadmap of games, but then it’s time to call a spade a spade and put all their resources behind this new system.

Here’s what I’m thinking: a $99 box built from the ground up to play retro Nintendo games. Mario. Zelda. Icarus. Donkey Kong. Pokemon. You name it. Have a bunch of titles ready to go at launch to ensure a blow-out. Release more as time goes on. But not in stores, entirely online.

What a great idea. They have a wealth of IP in these classic video games that people still love and want to play. Online only distribution makes inventory, production and retail relatively easy (once the infrastructure is set up to support it), and a $99 price point is hard to beat.


Not for nothing, but I have a total of three stock icons on my home screen currently. Everything else is third party apps. I know I’m not the only one (Phone, Messages and Mail aside).

That must say something. The iOS 6 and earlier icons weren’t that pretty to begin with. Unless the apps themselves improve dramatically, I’ll probably continue to use the third party apps anyway. [click to continue…]


From the recent Verge article: “Google CEO: people won’t ‘collapse in terror’ when someone uses Glass in a bathroom”:

Comparing Glass use to taking a photo or video on a smartphone, the Google chief said “you don’t collapse in terror that someone might be using Glass in the bathroom just the same as you don’t collapse in terror when someone comes in with a smartphone that might take a picture.”

Really? Walking into a bathroom wearing Glass is not akin to walking into a bathroom with a smartphone in your pocket–its more like walking into a bathroom aiming the phone as if you were taking a picture.

Google Glass is interesting, don’t get me wrong. But I think it’s quite an uphill battle for people to get used to–especially wherever it’s considered not good etiquette to bring a camera.


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